S&T Israeli Weapons Industries Tavor TAR-21 CQB Airsoft AEG - Black


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S&T Israeli Weapons Industries Tavor TAR-21 CQB Airsoft AEG - Black

S&T Israeli Weapons Industries Tavor TAR-21 CQB Airsoft AEG

The Israeli Weapon Industries TAR-21, or more simply known as the Tavor, is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle that revolutionized the small arms industry. It was designed to address the Israeli Special Force’s need for a reliable assault rifle that can be used in urban terrain. The result was the Tavor Assault Rifle. This lightweight, bullpup assault rifle allowed Israeli Commandos to easily traverse urban terrain and without sacrificing power or accuracy. In 2009, the Israeli Defense Force replaced their tried and true M4/M16 for the battle proven IWI TAR-21.

The S&T Armament Tavor is a solid replica of its real counter-part. The body is constructed out of a high impact polymer body. This makes the Tavor very lightweight and easy to carry, without sacrificing durability. Because of its bullpup configuration, the TAR-21 is very comfortable to hold and shoulder, even for extended periods of time. The body also features officially licensed Israeli Weapon Industries trademarks and logos. Nearly everything on the Tavor is ambidextrous or easy to reach with either hand, excluding the fire selector switch. The gun uses a functioning bolt catch and release, this allows you easily adjust you hop-up. It also features folding front and rear iron sights, with a short rail on top for the addition of any aftermarket optics.

The S&T TAR-21 uses a high quality polymer for their gearbox shell, which is actually very durable and strong. It uses metal parts to ensure further reliability and durability. Due to its bullpup design, the Tavor uses an M4 length (363mm) inner barrel in a significantly smaller size. It also features a quick change spring system, allowing you to easily transition from outdoor and indoor fields. The S&T IWI TAR-21 is the perfect AEG for players looking for something that is unique. It is very ergonomic and simple to use and is very lightweight and balance. This is the ideal airsoft gun for CQB players, IDF load outs and airsofters looking for a lightweight and solid gun.


- High strength polymer construction

- Fully licensed trademarks from Israeli Weapon Industries

- 300-330 FPS with .20g BBs

- Compact, lightweight bullpup design\

- Flip-up front and rear sight

- Ambidextrous magazine release

- Functioning charging handle with ambidextrous bolt release

- High strength polymer gearbox with metal internal parts

- Unique quick spring swap feature

- Uses standard M4/M16 style magazines

Package Includes:

- S&T Armament IWI Tavor TAR-21 AEG

- 1x300 round hi-cap magazine

- Operator's Manual


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