SPEED Airsoft SE2 Externally & Internally Tunable M4 AEG Trigger

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The new SPEED Externally Tunable M4 SE2 Triggers is an updated version of the original SE Trigger systems.  These new triggers utilizes two adjustment screws - one external and one internal, to maximize the amount of adjustment available to you to fit your preference.  Compatible with standard block trigger switches or upgraded MOSFET boards with micro switches.


  • CNC machined USA grade billet aluminum
  • High performance adjustable trigger system
  • Updated SE2 design features two points of adjustment
  • Next level tunable trigger with no gearbox modification required
  • Uses stock gearbox spring
  • Harden pivot points for increased durability
  • Weight reduction holes to keep the trigger light and controllable
  • Compatible with most standard Version 2 mechanical trigger units
  • Allowed even greater adjustment over M4 SE with more trigger performance improvement
  • Can be used with standard block trigger switches or MOSFET boards with micro switches

**Note** SPEED Airsoft SE2 Triggers may not be ideal for some HPA / Electronic Trigger systems.  For HPA / ETU compatible SPEED Airsoft triggers click HERE.

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