SRC Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles


Color: Black
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SRC Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles Black

SRC Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles

The SRC Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles are perfect for players who are looking for a set of light weight and comfortable set of eye protection. Due to its flexible plastic and rubber design these goggles are lighter than most cheaper sets of eye protection. The goggles feature an adjustable head band that keeps the goggles securely in place. The goggle's lining is very comfortable and forms easily to the wearer's face ensuring a full seal. It also has a wide lens that does not impede your peripheral vision. The lens attaches to the outside of the frame allowing air to flow easily through the goggle system.


- Full seal eye protection for airsoft players

- Lining forms to wearer's face

- Adjustable head band

- Ventilates easily

- Large lens does not hinder peripheral vision


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