Swiss Arms CIRAS Plate Carrier Airsoft Assault Vest - Fully Loaded

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Swiss Arms Tactical Assault Vest Black

Swiss Arms Tactical Assault Vest Black

Swiss Arms’ tactical assault vest is based on Eagle Industries’ Land CIRAS armor carrier that is in use with US special operations units today. At a fraction of the cost of the CIRAS, the Tactical Assault Vest is a great choice for any airsoft enthusiast who wants that SOF look.

Unlike the real thing, this vest does not carry plates. Instead, the inside is filled with a foam material which helps the vest keep its shape and rigidity better than an empty plate carrier, a useful feature with airsofters in mind. The vest is adjustable to most body sizes, and is donned and adjusted in the same way as the real thing. To adjust size, first, secure both ends of the cummerbund underneath the velcro flaps located on the right and left “wings” of the front plate carrier. Next, adjust the length of each side of the cummerbund by stuffing it into the pocket at the back, and securing it with the MOLLE strap. Remove each end of the cummerbund from under the flaps in order to don the vest. To don the vest, first, wrap the internal elastic cummerbund around your waist. Next, pull each side of the cummerbund forward, and secure them underneath the velcro cummerbund flaps. If the vest has been adjusted properly, it should fit well and secure, and as high up on the body as it comfortably can.

This vest is packed with features that many vests do not come with. For comfort, the interior is lined with a comfortable and breathable mesh material. For versatility, this vest is covered in MOLLE webbing, and Swiss Arms has included a full suite of pouches. Included pouches are as follows: 2x double rifle magazine pouches, shingle style, 1x double pistol magazine pouch, 1x double 40mm pouch, 1x small radio pouch, 1x admin pouch, 1x low profile hydration carrier, 1x medium vertical utility pouch, and 1x roll-up dump pouch. In addition to all that, there is an integrated pocket on the lower torso of the vest which can hold up to four magazines, and includes four bungee pull-tabs for retention. There is also a small velcro compartment located at the top of the vest, at the collar, which can be used as an admin pouch to store small items. All of these pouches give the vest a lot of utility right off the bat, and no need to purchase additional pouches, either. All in all, this is a great vest designed specifically for airsoft MILSIM use.

This vest comes in a stealthy black color scheme. Also available in OD green and coyote tan.


-Black color

-Full assortment of pouches

-Adjustable for multiple sizes

-CIRAS-style design

Package Includes:

-Swiss Arms Tactical Assault Vest

-2x double magazine pouch, shingle

-1x double pistol magazine pouch

-1x double 40mm grenade pouch

-1x small radio pouch

-1x low profile hydration pouch

-1x medium vertical utility pouch

-1x admin pouch with flashlight pocket

-1x roll-up dump pouch


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