INTELLECT LIPO Battery Tester and Low Power Alarm for AEG Airsoft Guns

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Lithium Polymer, or LIPO, batteries are great for maximizing the performances of your airsoft guns, but they require a lot more care and observation than your standard airsoft battery when charging. When a LIPO's cell is discharged below 3 volts it can damage that battery, causing it swell and possibly catch fire.

The INTELLECT LIPO Battery Tester helps prevent that by giving players the ability to readily check the status of their battery while in use. The Tester uses bright LED lights to indicate how much power is left in the battery. While it is green, it means there is ample power left to continue playing; however, when your voltage begins to drop below 3.3 volts, the lights will change to red. When it power is under 3 volts, an alarm will sound telling you that the battery needs to be charged - reducing the chances of damaging to the battery and increasing its life span and performance.


  • Slim and compact design
  • Compatible with 7.4V and 11.1V LIPO batteries
  • Red LED lights will flash when power is under 3.3 volts
  • An alarm will sound when power is under 3 volts
  • Informs users when to recharger batteries with an audible alert
  • 2.5mm pin spacing works with most LIPO batteries on the market

FIRE HAZARD WARNING: Lithium batteries (LiPoly/LiMn) are extremely volatile and must be handled and charged properly. Please read instructions before use.

  • Never charge unattended.
  • Only use the appropriate charger with your LiPo batteries. Use of other chargers can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never leave batteries and chargers unattended when in use. When not in use, always remove the battery from the charger or airsoft gun.
  • Always charge batteries in a safe area, on a stable non-flammable surface away from other flammable items. Never allow your battery and charger to be dislodged or fall during charging as this can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never alter, modify or open your battery.
  • Before charging complete a visual inspection of your battery. At the sign of any damage do not use.
  • Never expose batteries to temperatures higher than 160 degrees F.
  • Always keep your battery in a safe secure location to prevent damage during transport or storage.
  • Always keep batteries away from liquids.
  • Always keep batteries out of the reach of children.

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