TSD 6 inch Airsoft Spring Powered Revolver - Silver with Wood Grip




TSD 6 inch Airsoft Spring Powered Revolver - Silver with Wood Grip

TSD 6 inch Airsoft Spring Powered Revolver

The TSD 934 is a high quality replica of the famous 357 Magnum Revolver. Included in the package are six shells which each hold one bb. When you want to fire, simply pull the hammer back and it automatically spins the cylinder holding the rounds. The TSD Spring Revolver makes for a unique secondary weapon when out on the field. Its snub nose design makes it the perfect tuck-away back up pistol. However, the overall look of this spring pistol is so close to the real one that it also makes a perfect movie prop or a display piece.


- 1:1 Full Scale Replica

- 6" barrel

- 120 FPS with .12g BBs

- Realistic revolver cock & shoot

- Spring Powered

- Realistic Revolver Replica

- Shell Style Magazine Clips

- Imitation wood grip

Package Includes:

- TSD UA934SW Spring Revolver Airsoft Gun

- 6 Magazine Shells (Holds one BB per shell)

- Sample .12g BBs

- TSD 30 Day Limited Warranty Form

- Instruction manual

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