UMAREX AirSaber Air Archery Carbon Fiber Airgun Arrows 6-Pack

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Made exclusively for the Umarex AirSaber, these carbon-fiber arrows feature Straight Flight Technology and are able to withstand the extreme pressure created by the hard-hitting AirSaber. The arrow itself weighs 276 grains and with the included field tip weighs in at 376 grains.


    • Overall Length: 22.625" / 57.46 cm
    • Outer Diameter: 0.345" / 8.76 mm
    • Shaft Weight: 276 gr
    • Field Tip Weight: 100 gr
    • Vane Length: 4" / 101.6 mm
    • Vane Height: 0.37" / 9.4 mm
    • Max PCP Pressure: 3625 psi
    • Tip Type: Field Tip
    • Compatibility: UMAREX AirSaber
    • 6 Pack of AirSaber Air Archery Arrows
    • 376 Grains in Weight with included Field Tip
    • Constructed with Carbon Fiber Shafts
    • Adapta Point Technology accepts most broad heads
    • Straight Flight Technology
    • HPS (High-Pressure Shaft Technology)
    Use ONLY Umarex AirSaber Arrows with the AirSaber arrow gun. Use of other arrows can cause serious injury or even death. AirSaber arrows are engineered for strength sufficient to handle extremely high air pressure. Arrows for bows and crossbows are not strong enough to withstand the high air pressure and can explode when pressurized. This can cause serious injury to the shooter and bystanders.

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