Umarex Full Metal IWI UZI Gas Blowback Co2 Airsoft Submachine Gun

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Umarex Full Metal IWI UZI Gas Blowback Co2 Airsoft Submachine Gun

Umarex Full Metal IWI UZI Gas Blowback Co2 Airsoft Submachine Gun

Designed by Major Uziel Gal,the Uzi submachine gun was primarily use to Israeli special forces early in the 1950s. After considerable use the Uzi, praised for its compact design and controllability, was adopted as the standard issue system for the Israeli Defense Force in 1956. Between the 1960s and the 1980s, the Uzi submachine gun was an iconic weapon that saw plenty of use in many military and law enforcement groups. Arguably one of the best weapon for urban terrain and close quarter battling of its time, the Uzi was soon phased out by more modern weapon designs. The Uzi is classic piece of military engineering and still favored by many for its simple, yet reliable, performance.

The Israeli Weapon Industries, or IWI, UZI submachine gun is a gun that many airsoft players have been waiting for. Now, fully licensed by Umarex USA, the IWI UZI is now available for operators who want to use this classic gun to dominate close ranges on the field. It features a very strong polymer body with metal reinforcement to make the airsoft gun very lightweight without compromising durability. While the overall size of the gun is considerably small, measuring about 13" long with the stock folded, it is surprisingly very accurate. This is due to the fact that UZI is Co2 powered giving the submachine gun extra power, range, and stronger kick. The UZI features a metal stock that can be used to make long range shots or folded to the side for better maneuverability. Lightweight and compact for CQB fields, excellent range and accuracy for outdoor fields the Umarex IWI UZI is an exceptionally versatile airsoft submachine gun that offers solid and reliable performance.


- High strength, reinforced polymer body

- Officially licensed by the Israeli Weapon Industry

- Co2 powered airsoft gun

- Safe, semi and fully automatic firing modes

- Velocity: 380-400 FPS with .20g BBs

- Overall Length (retracted): 13.5" / 32.29 cm

- Overall Length (extended): 24" / 60.96 cm

- Weight: 4.7 lbs / 2500 g

- Adjustable hop-up

- Very small and compact design

- Metal side folding stock

- Ambidextrous magazine release

- Functioning, cycling bolt

- Strong kick and powerful recoil

- Realistic gas blowback action

- 60 warranty from Umarex USA

Package Includes:

- Umarex IWI UZI Co2 Airsoft Gun

- 1x 38rd magazine

- Operator's manual

- 60 day warranty and registration form from Umarex USA


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