UMAREX H&K MP7 NS2 Gas Blowback Airsoft PDW SMG by KWA

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The KWA MP7 is one of KWA’s most praised products, and for good reason. Based on the H&K MPA1 Personal Defense Weapon, this GBB features fully licensed H&K trademarks, courtesy of Umarex, to add that extra bit of realism to the replica. Made from high-strength fiber reinforced polymer, similar to the real weapon, this is a very sturdy and well-built replica. KWA truly left no stone unturned for the sake of realism with this gun, which features an accurately working bolt release and trigger safety. And that’s not all; in order to effectively be useful as a PDW, HK designed the MP7 to be able to be used as a pistol or as an SMG, and KWA’s take on the MP7 reflects this. With the stock retracted and the fore grip folded up, the user can flip the iron sights down and use the tactical three dot pistol sights mounted on them, and fire the weapon like a pistol.

KWA also makes replicas of the 20rd MP7 “short” magazine, which is great for this purpose. And if the user wishes to use the MP7 in a sub machine gun role, he/she can fold down the fore grip and use it as a vertical grip, extend the stock, and flip up the sights to reveal rifle-style sights. The MP7 is also very easy to attach accessories to, with a top rail for optics, and two removable side rails for mounting flash lights or lasers.

Internally, KWA’s MP7 is powered by their patented Force Velocity Gas Engine, and up-scaled version of the NS2 Gas System used in their GBB pistols. The FV system, designed for use in SMG or assault rifle type GBBs, provides a more powerful, cleaner recoil action compared to that of competing brands. It also provides more velocity to each shot, all the while being more gas-efficient than most, if not all other gas guns on the market. One can easily fire off an entire magazine in full auto from a gun using the FV system, and not experience noticeable cool-down effects, or any loss in FPS. And for such a small and compact gun, the KWA MP7 really packs a punch, and can accurately reach targets at longer distances than most would expect. This is truly one of the best airsoft weapons available for CQB/MOUT scenarios.


    • High strength reinforced polymer body
    • Officially licensed by Heckler & Koch
    • Uses KWA's revolutionary Force Velocity System
    • Velocity: 370 - 390 FPS with .20g BBs
    • Overall length (retracted): 14.96" / 379.9 mm
    • Overall length (extended): 23.62" / 599.9 mm
    • Inner Barrel Length: 160 mm
    • Power Source: Green Gas / Propane
    • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi, Full Auto
    • Weight: 4.7 lbs / 2131.88g
    • Adjustable hop up system
    • Two position retractable stock
    • Folding vertical forward grip
    • Integrated top rail for scopes and optics
    • Removable side rails for mounting of tactical accessories
    • HK-style ambidextrous magazine release
    • Ambidextrous selector switches and bolt catch
    • Flip-up sights function as both rifle and pistol sights
    • Realistic gas blow back action and cycling bolt
    • Backed by Elite Force / Umarex USA's 1-year warranty
      Package Includes:
        • UMAREX H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft PDW by KWA
        • 1x 40rd magazine
        • Hop-up adjustment tool
        • 100 KWA .25g BBs
        • Bottle of 100% silicone oil
        • Instruction manual & documentation
        • Warranty information

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