UMAREX Heckler & Koch MP7 A1 AEG Airsoft SMG PDW by VFC

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Designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch the MP7 (Maschinenpistole 7) was made to meet the specifications for NATO's need for compact, low recoil yet armor piercing personal defense weapon. While the initial purpose of the this PDW would not see universal fruition it would see selective use in multiple Special Forces and specialized police units around the globe - including U.S NAVY SEAL Teams.

Made by VFC and licensed by UMAREX the H&K MP7A1 AEG Airsoft SMG is the first of it's kind in recent years. This ultra compact AEG is made to accurately and authentically replicate the futuristic PDW to a near 1:1 scale. The body is made with a high strength, injection molded polymer that reduces the overall weight of the SMG without compromising durability. All over the body it features authentic Heckler & Koch logos and markings. A picatinny rail runs the top length of the MP7 giving the operator ample space for various sights, optics and other accessories - including the flip-up front and rear sights.

The battery is housed inside the body of the MP7 - which is easily tucked away beneath a cap that goes over the front section of the body. Like other airsoft variants, the MP7A1 features a two-position folding front grip. From the fire selector, magazine release and bolt catch many of the controls on the MP7 are ambidextrous and can be easily accessed from either side. Unique to the VFC version, this MP7 features a three-position retractable wire stock for a more adjustable fit for any operator.

Internally, the VFC MP7A1 uses a unique full metal gear box that is highly reinforced and offers superb performance with an 11.1v LiPo battery right out of the box. Chrono-ing at 345 FPS this PDW is perfect for any CQB field. With its built-in MOSFET the MP7 has a very crisp and responsive trigger. The SMG also features built-in empty magazine detection and cut off. This is made to give the player an experience similar to that of the GBB versions - ie once the MP7A1 fires it's last BB from its 110rd mid-cap magazine the cut off will engage preventing the AEG from dry firing.

The UMAREX H&K MP7A1 AEG by VFC is a unique addition to any airsoft operator's armory. It gives players a high performance airsoft rifle in an ultra compact size. This airsoft SMG is backed by and UMAREX's Limited 1-Year Warranty.


    • High strength, injection molded polymer body
    • Officially licensed by Heckler & Koch GmbH
    • Velocity: 325 - 345 FPS with .20g BBs
    • Overall length (retracted): 16.5" / 419.1 mm
    • Overall length (extended): 25" / 635 mm
    • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi and Full Auto
    • Connector Type: Female Mini Tamiya
    • Weight: 3.7 lbs / 1.68 kg
    • Realistic 1:1 scale replica of the MP7 A1
    • Authentic Heckler & Koch logos and markings
    • Adjustable hop up system
    • Three (3) position retractable stock
    • Folding vertical forward grip
    • Ergonomic pistol grip
    • Integrated top rail for scopes and optics
    • Flip-up front and rear sights
    • Ambidextrous magazine release, bolt catch and selector switch
    • Functioning charging handle and bolt release
    • Battery is housed inside the body of the MP7
    • Integrated quick change spring system
    • Built-in empty magazine detection prevents dry firing on an empty magazine
    • Internal MOSFET is designed to handle upto a 11.1v LiPo
    • Can use 11.1v LiPo batteries - recommend the Elite Force 11.1v 900mAh LiPo batteries
    • Backed by UMAREX / ELITE FORCE Limited 1-Year Warranty

      Package Includes:

        • UMAREX MP7 A1 Airsoft AEG PDW by VFC
        • 1x 110rd magazine
        • User Manual
        • Warranty information

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