UMAREX Removable Check Valve Adapter for 88g Co2 Tanks

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Install the UMAREX Removable Adapter on to your 88g Co2 tanks to keep them from venting the remaining gas when you're done plinking targets for the day.  This adapter allows you to remove your Co2 tanks, retain their remaining air capacity and use them at a later date.  Made with high strength aluminum and high quality o-rings you can even swap airguns with a single Co2 tank.  These adapters can also help prevent o-rings and seals from damage when a Co2 tank is left in an airgun for too long.


    • Made with high strength aluminum
    • Designed to prevent Co2 tanks from releasing air when removed
    • Allows you to use partially emptied Co2 tanks later on
    • Can swap airguns with a single air tank
    • High quality O-rings help maintain a proper seal and prevent leaks
    • Adapter can be used to prevent o-ring and seal damage if a Co2 tank is left on an airgun for too long
    • Compatible with airguns that use 88g Co2 tanks (ie. Fusion 2 & AirJavelin)

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