UTG Full Metal 0.83" Medium Profile QD Scope Riser Mount


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Whether you are wearing a full face mask or not getting the right clearance, the UTG Scope Riser Mount is the perfect add-on if you are having trouble looking through your optics. Using precision machined aircraft grade aluminum for maximum durability and weight reduction. It has a matte black anodizing for a scratch resistant finish. The riser mount can be easily attached to any picatinny rails and will raise your scopes or optics an additional 0.83".


  • Precision machined aircraft grade aluminum with matte black anodizing
  • Raises scopes and optics an addition 0.83"
  • New generation riser mount for rifles
  • 13 rail slots for mount a variety of scopes and optics
  • Retention thumb nuts and locking plate for easy installation
  • See-through design allows you to use your iron sights

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