Valken Tactical 3G Wire Mesh Ear Protectors

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Color: OD Green
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Ear protection is gradually becoming a safety concern at some fields. However, the only options to provide it were bulky face masks and expensive headsets. Valken Tactical has taken the steps to provide players with an affordable, practical, skirmish ready ear protection. Made with heavy gauge wire mesh, heavy duty nylon and elastic, the Valken Tactical 3G Wire Mesh Ear Protectors provide excellent coverage around the ear without adding extra weight or bulk. Because of its mesh design, these protectors allow maximum air flow and keep your head cool during games. They feature an adjustable strap to accommodate most head sizes and features hook & loop fasteners so that they can be attached underneath any tactical helmet.


  • Heavy gauge wire mesh ear protection
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Comfortable to wear with hats, helmets and other head gear
  • Allows maximum air flow and doesn't impair hearing
  • Includes hook & loop fasteners to attach directly to helmets

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