WE TECH Full Metal Browning Hi-Power WWII Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black

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Designed to replace the French military's aging service pistol, John Browning introduced the Model 1935 - more commonly known as the Hi-Power. During World War II, both the Allies and Axis used the Hi-Power, and its variants, in many theaters. After the war and to the present, the Browning Hi-Power continues to see extensive use in over 50 counties across the globe with many nations adopting it as their main service pistol.

The WE TECH Browning Hi-Power is a exquisite replica of this popular pistol. It features an aluminum slide and frame giving the gun a very realistic weight and feel. The slide sport shallow slide serrations that make manipulating the pistol very easy - even in adverse conditions. The sights are pretty unique, while the front sight is a fixed post, the rear sight can be adjusted for elevation. The frame is solidly built and features the usual slide release, magazine release and slide safety along the left side. The imitation wood grip panels feature a subtle diamond texture and provides added grip when aiming. The WE TECH Browning Hi-Power is perfect for players who want a unique full metal gas blowback pistol that offers players something that is not commonly seen, but preforms admirably, on the skirmish field. This pistol is also perfect for World War II players and collectors as it provides them with an authentic looking piece of history.



  • High strength aluminum slide and frame
  • Green gas powered airsoft pistol
  • Velocity: 300-320 FPS with .20g BBs
  • Overall length: 8.07" / 20.5 cm
  • Adjustable hop up system
  • Functioning slide safety
  • Functioning slide catch and release
  • Imitation wood grip panel
  • Rear sight is adjustable for elevation
  • Rear slide serrations
  • Realistic gas blowback action
  • Realistic field stripping

Package Includes:

    • WE Browning Hi-Power GBB Pistol
    • 1x 20 round magazines
    • Instruction manual


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